Good News!

2013-04-01 18:38:02 by hyperguy152

I have just made it on the approved arists list. I'm finally getting somewhere on this site.

Also, Be sure to listen for me in my brother's upcoming project.

Winter Break Starts Soon

2012-12-13 19:35:07 by hyperguy152

Tomorrow will be my last day of finals, then it's winter break. I will spend most of it building up my portfolio and my sound library. Hopefully I will convince my brother to have me as part of his latest project.

Welcome Lost Viewers. . .

2012-12-01 18:25:25 by hyperguy152

. . .which you have to be, considering I can't think of any other reason you're reading this. That or you're my brother, and in that case, go outside you hermit.

Anyhow, Welcome to my profile. Sorry there isn't much to look at. I'll be posting some things eventually.